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Tuscan Interior Design

December 22, 2014 By: admin Category: Interior Design

Tuscan Interior Design – One of the Tuscan is a popular trend in home interior decorating. Elements are used typically include decorative moulding, decorative antique furnishings and fixtures. Common and antique look faux architectural elements such as pillars mould and ceiling cutouts. Such as faux marble is very popular in creating the Tuscan look.

tuscan design Tuscan Interior Design

tuscan design

Tuscan often includes rustic elements such as cracked plaster. A wide variety of wall colours and finishes fake technique in collaboration with a rich palette of warm, caring towards the end of the spectrum. Brown gold rich red terra cotta and yellow are common. Olive green and blue tones can be used for accent.

tuscan interiors Tuscan Interior Design

tuscan interiors

An important aspect of Tuscan interior design is texture. The emergence of many layers of paint cracked cement or marble walls and furniture is used to add old world charm to the room. Wood grain texture is highlighted in Tuscan kitchen. And irregularity that is used to add interest and warmth.

tuscan kitchen Tuscan Interior Design

tuscan kitchen

Tuscany can be used even in a small space. Bright yellow light and bright colours help to enlarge the room when accented with bright colours. Storage can be incorporated into furniture to keep the amount of clutter in the room low.

tuscan style Tuscan Interior Design

tuscan style

Tuscan interior design can be made ​​cheaply. For those who know how to shop for items with the appropriate flavour can be acquired at low prices at vintage stores and art sales. Although this Tuscan interior has the feel of a very interesting common that makes them feel very fit. A unique individuality certain desirable. Similarly, scratches and dents in furniture add to their character in the Tuscan interior design. Alloy uniqueness with the right colours and furniture that is cracked and the use of other signs become more attractive. Tuscan interior design using bright colours without feeling incredible, so generating a bright and soothing warmth of anyroom. Enjoy Tuscan Interior какой кондиционер выбрать в минске Design

Stylish Room Divider Design Ideas 2013

February 06, 2013 By: admin Category: Interior Design

room divider for living room Stylish Room Divider Design Ideas 2013

room divider for living room

Room divider is one the best and easiest ways to make your small living appear larger and make it more efficient use of the available space. (more…)

Chinese Home Interior Design Ideas 2013

January 26, 2013 By: admin Category: Interior Design

Chinese dining room interior ideas 2013 Chinese Home Interior Design Ideas 2013

Chinese dining room interior ideas 2013

Chinese home interior design ideas is one of the best interior style in the world. They combine the traditional and modern style into unique and fresh concepts кондиционеры в витебске design (more…)